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15 Apr 2017 15 Apr

Active Montenegro

15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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ONLY if you love adventure@@!!!@!

ACTIVE MONTENEGRO is a holiday package offer, made for all water sport fans. The package combines top three outdoor sports activities in Montenegro: SCUBA diving, Canyoning and Rafting. ACTIVE MONTENEGRO leads you to the very best 8 dive sites in our country, intriguing  canyon of Medjurjec and  the beautiful Tara canyon for a rafting tour . All three activities are beginner friendly experience.

Diving trips  -  are suitable for all certified divers. Only with us you can visit the very best 8  dive sites in Montenegro : wrecks Tihani and Patrolac, caves  Slatka Pećina , Krekavica and Poseidonov Grad, reefs Tunnels and Galiola , vertical tunnel Siren Hole.

Diving trips include:

  1. Diving trips to the 8 named dive spots.
  2. Use of SCUBA equipment.
  3. Dive guide services .
  4. Car and boat transfer.

Note - OWD certified divers can use the package with an addition of AOWD training program.

Duration is 2 to 4 days.



Canyoning is one of the top outdoor activities in Montenegro as it combines hiking in a wild landscape, swimming in a river and descending waterfall cliffs. You are going  to learn and master basic canyoning techniques before you experience 8 waterfalls, cliff jumping into natural water pools and 4 hours of full adrenaline experince in the canyon of Medjurjec.This is a moderate and beginner friendly adventure intended for users with no previous canyoning experience.

Canyoning daily tour includes : 

  1. Instructions on abseiling techniques according to ICO pro international Canyoning standards.
  2. Use of wet  suite, canyoning shoes + full set of Personal Protection Equipment  ( helmet, harness and other technical gear).
  3. Supervision by professional ICO pro guide and assistant.
  4. Canyoning tour (max duration is 5h).
  5. Car transfer (max duration is 1h-one way).

Canyoning daily tour is suitable for :

  1. Canyoning beginners older than 14 years  in good health and able to swim.
  2. Medjurjec is beginner friendly and physically moderate activity.

Duration is one day.


Rafting tour

Tara rafting tour is a MUST TO because it is an opportunity to see and feel the most beautiful nature you can imagine, especially stunning scenery of the deepest canyon in Europe - Tara river canyon. Rafting tour is also beginner friendly experience - technically and physically an moderate outdoor  activity.

Rafting tour includes :

  1. Car transfer (max duration is 3h - one way)
  2. Use of Rafting equipment.
  3. Breakfast and lunch.
  4. Rafting guide services.
  5. Rafting (duration 2-3h).

Rafting daily tour is suitable for :

  1. All persons older than 9 years.
  2. Tara rafting is beginner friendly and physically moderate activity.

Duration is one day.


ACTIVE MONTENEGRO schedule and pricing.

day1 Diving Galiola+Tunnels          9 am       3h
day2 Diving Tihany+Patrolac          8am      4-6h
day3 Diving Krekavica+Slatka pecina          9am      3-4h
day4 Diving Siren hole+Poseidon          8am      4-6h
day5 Canyoning Canyon Medjurjecje          8am      8-10h
day6 Rafting Tara Canyon          6am     10-12h


Note - Diving part consist 8 dives and it can be done in two, three or four days. Starting point for all activities is at the Diving Center. Duration represents  sum of  transfer time + activity time.

Diving price list

number of divers 1-1 2-4 5-8
price 350e 300e 250e


Canyoning price list

number of users 1-1 2-4 5-8
price 200e 100e 80e


Rafting price list

number of users 1-1 2-4 5-8
price 100e 80e 70e


What is included in ACTIVE MONTENEGRO package???

  1. Airport transfer.
  2. Accommodation (optional).
  3. SCUBA diving trips : boat transfer, use of SCUBA equipment, guide, 8 different dive sites.
  4. Canyoning daily trip : car transfer, use of canyoning equipment, instructions on abseiling techniques according to ICO pro international Canyoning standards, canyoning guide.
  5. Rafting tour : car transfer, rafting equipment, rafting guide, breakfast and lunch.


Duration of the package.

Minimum duration of the package is 4 days : 2 diving days  (4 dives per day) + canyoning day + rafting day. Maximum duration is 6 days : 4 diving days ( 2 dives per day) + canyoning day + rafting day.

Why to choose ACTIVE MONTENEGRO package???

  1. The package may last four, five  or six days which makes it adaptable to the needs and possibilities of users.
  2. The package is going to take to the best surface and underwater sites in Montenegro.
  3. You are going to learn and experience Canyoning and Rafting activities.
  4. Providers are experienced and internationally certified professionals.
  5. This is very dynamic, safe and beginner friendly active holiday offer.
  6. ACTIVE MONTENEGRO is suitable for all certified divers older than 15 years.


How much does it coast???

Well as we mentioned before this is very flexible program. You can adjust the package according to your needs, number of users, with or without accommodation etc. To calculate the final price use the tables of Diving trips, Canyoning tour, Rafting tour.

ONLY if you love adventure@@!!!@!



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