Dive Trip offer made for Cruise Ship clients
26 Jan 2019 26 Jan

Dive Trip offer made for Cruise Ship clients

26 Jan 2019 26 Jan
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Short one time? Wish to dive?

Based on many requests we received in a past we decided to make an offer  especially for clients who are coming in Montenegro by Cruise Ships. We know you are very short on time , we know that you are diving addicted and that you are searching for reliable scuba operator. We made this offer considering  all aspects of your short visit to Montenegro and based on our previous experience. 

About this activity

⏱   Duration 6 hours

🎮  Level  OWD certified divers

🛳   Limited number of Divers  up to 6 participants 

🇬🇧   English speaking guide 

Experience highlights 

                Dive sites               Poseidon Cave,   Patrol boat Shipwreck

                Boat trip                Blue Cave,   Fortresses Mamula,    cove of Zanjic                                        

Dive trip description and schedule

Your diving adventure starts at port of Kotor at 8 am. The Dive trip offer includes a car transfer which will take you to the cove of Zanjic, approximately 45 minutes long trip. With all equipment we agreed before we are ready to take you onboard. Our first dive site Shipwreck Patrol Boat  is just 5 minutes away. After 40 minutes long dive we are hading to the Poseidon Cave dive site which is 15 minutes boat driving far from the first one. In a way to Poseidon the plan is to visit very popular  touristic attraction here in Montenegro the famous  Blue Cave. Our second dive last about 45 minutes after which we are going to take you back to your cab and straight away to Kotor back to your Cruise Ship. At 2 pm u are back at your starting point .

Includes                         SCUBA diving equipment

                                        Car and Boat transportation 

                                        SCUBA guide

                                        Bottled water

 You should bring         Hat, swim suit , sun cream, towel 

                                       Some good joke 😂😂😂

What we can guaranty  ???

For many times we were refusing requests from Cruise Ship divers until we actually organised few trips for some very persistent customers. Than we understood that it can work , it is fun and that in the end we had some  happy people around us.

We have excellent customer service and you'll be equipped by well maintained and safe  SCUBA equipment. You'll visit two very best dive sites and both are beginners friendly experience. 

We are 5⭐️ PADI IDC Centre  which is the highest ranking any scuba operator can reach. It means that this trip is going to be provided with support of experience  PADI professionals taking care about each participant personally.

The rib ( rigid - hulled inflatable boat)  Predator  7.5m length with 250 hp outboard Suzuki is the boat we use for this trip. While listed a capacity of our rib is 12 persons, Pro Dive Hydrotech limits the number of divers up to 6 participants ,  just to assure comfort and space for all aboard. 

We can call this offer Fast and Furious but no worries there is a plenty of time to do this trip and take you safely, ON TIME, back to your ship. Please take in consideration that we are earning some money only if we have at list 2 clients.

The Dive Trip cost  is 150 eur 

 Book Now 

SCUBA with Pro Diving Montenegro is Safe and Fun !!! 

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