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15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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You want to visit the best 8 dive sites in Montenegro ???

TOP 8   is our diving  trip offer which provides you a possibility to visit the best 8 dive sites in Montenegro: wrecks Tihani and Patrolac, caves  Slatka Pećina , Krekavica and Poseidonov Grad, reefs Donkova Seka and Galiola plus vertical tunnel Sirena Hole.

Who can use the package and how long does it last?

The package is intended for both beginners and already certified divers. We have three options to offer :

If you are at list AOWD certified diver than you have unconditional access to the TOP 8 and all 8 dive trips can be completed in only 2 days .

OWD certified divers can use  TOP 8 package with addition of an AOWD course. TOP 8 + AOWD course can be completed  in only 3 days.

Beginners with no previous scuba experience can use TOP 8 package with addition of OWD + AOWD course. TOP 8 + OWD + AOWD training  can be completed in 6 days.

TOP 8 package is valid from 01.05 - 01.10. of ongoing season.

What is included and what is the package price?

  1. Boat transport.
  2. Use of  full SCUBA set.
  3. Dive guide services. 
Number of users 1-1 2-4 5-8
"Top 8" 350e 300e 250e
"Top 8"+AOWD course 600e 500e 400e
"Top 8"+OWD+AOWD course 850e 750e 650e


TOP 8 benefits .

The package saves your money up to 40% in comparison to our regular offer.

  1. The regular price of a dive ranges from €20 up to €45, within the package starts from €15.
  2. The lowest price for an OWD or AOWD course within the package is €200. Regular price is €270.
  3. Use of a dive gear  is free of charge, regular price is 20e per day.

Why to choose TOP 8?

  1. TOP 8  is  adjusted to your previous diving experience, your requirements and capabilities.
  2. TOP 8 can be used in only 2 days or you can prolong it and use it within 5 months.
  3. TOP 8 saves your money up to 40%  comparing to our regular offer.
  4. TOP 8 is in line with PADI diving standards.

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