Become professional in diving business

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    DIVEMASTER internship for free!



    Join our internship program and become the part of diving industry. Get together need for earning and diving, travel the world and start living a dream.

    Probably you have doubts  and questions, asking yourself what kind of scam is this…


    Lets introduce our self

    We are Pro Dive Hydrotech ( ) dive center established in Podgorica 2002. We offer organization of diving excursions, teaching basic and advanced diving courses, equipment service and renting diving gear. Last 10 years we are based at Hotel Maestral located in Przno-Milocer and we are part of hotel offer. We are only internationally recognized dive center in Montenegro and we are member of  PADI family

    and here you can see our PADI certificate (





    What is internship program?

    In worldwide diving industry internship program is recognized and functioning like exchange. In this case its exchange diving knowledge, skills, experience and certification which you get as reward for you working in dive center.


    What you get from us

    1. Free accommodation and 2 meals per day in period from 01.05-01.09 in dive shop location

    2. Diving knowledge, diving skills, experience and PADI certificates (OWD, AOWD, EFR, RD and DM)

    3. Boat license


    And what later i can do with my certification, what and where i can work as professional diver???



    Diving industry (training, production, selling diving equipment, diving tourism, etc…) starts with diving professionals. DIVEMASTER is first PRO level in diving industry. You will be trained to help client (in our dive shop or some other shop), take client to dive site, give quality dive briefing , lead the dive, get back to dove center safely and to get paid for that. How much money you will earn it depend of you and your personality, after internship you can easily find a job in diving industry worldwide.


    If you ask yourself where to find a job ?

    First offer you will get from PDH center, if you satisfy two above mentioned conditions. We work only during summer season in our region but fortunately earth is rotating and when its not dive able  here on other places is summer and there is lot of dive centers like PDH. If you become dedicated DIVEMASTER  and you like job you do maybe Maldives or Caribbean  is your next destination. In diving industry is always wanted need for professionals and there is a lot of jobs worldwide.


    Exchange mentioned above. remember that ???

    What we expect from you to join our program:

    1. Min 21 yrs of age (both female and male)

    2. Languages required English and Russian

    3. Friendly person, representative, responsible, dedicated, non smoker, non alcohol friendly, in good physical condition(cause diving and lifting oxygen tanks van be hard)

    4. Internship last 4 months, we are open from 8am-8pm and there will be a lot  of hard work , lot of effort and responsibilities. For those who think this is a way for cheap vacation , little disappointment. Cost of what we offering and giving to you its 4000€. What we give you worth more. Ability, skills, experience which going to change your life and be able to live in places, one you see in tourist offer pictures..

    5. Valid car license

    If this offer sounds good for you, send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    or give me a call to +382 69 013 985 my name is Radan Dragasevic.