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15 Apr 2017 15 Apr
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 Learn how to predict and resolve emergency situations  in SCUBA diving.

If you want to learn new skills, to build self confidence and to prepare yourself for possible dive emergencies  Rescue Diver course is the right choice. Experienced divers say that RD is one of the most challenging and most rewarding PADI courses. It requires to engage your maximum potential to acquire valuable rescue skills .

What will you learn ?

Being a Rescue Diver means that you are no longer a baffled bystander but a trained and confident professional capable to help other divers. You'll  learn amazing skills:

  1. Causes of diver emergencies
  2. Accident management
  3. Identifying a diver in need
  4. Common equipment problems
  5. Diver rescue procedures
  6. First Aid and injury treatment
  7. Missing diver procedures
  8. In/Out water rescue skills

The concept of RD course is very simple:

  1. Firstly you'll  learn  how to predict and resolve problems in and out of   water.
  2. Ask  yourself  do you  have adequate emergencies equipment?
  3. Protect yourself and do not allow to become a second victim.

EFR (Emergency First Response) Primary and Secondary Care are the elements of RD course  which you can use not just for diving but also in everyday life:
•    Scene assessment
•    CPR
•    Bleeding management
•    Spinal injury management

Practical side of RD course is based on few rescue scenarios  which are used to help either a responsive or non responsive diver on a surface or underwater. PADI RD  is a great course that takes you further as a diver, giving you a confidence and preparation that can really transform your outlook , the RD subject is serious but the training is fun.

Hard work? Maybe!!  Boring? Never! So, are you ready for the challenge???

How long does it take?

You can start with the Knowledge Development right away and at your own pace . E-learning is an extra option with an extra cost. Short quizzes let you check understanding of presented information  end  exams section verify your mastery of the entire topic.

After  Knowledge Development section you have to master your diving training. With your Pro Diving Montenegro Instructor you will  complete ten rescue exercises and two Rescue Diver scenarios , all of them in open water. So,how long does it take?

  1. To finish RD knowledge development section you need at list 10 - 12 hours .
  2. CPR + First AID  course can be completed in one day.
  3. Confined water training followed by  open water exercises can be done in 3 days.

 PADI RD course can be completed in just 5 days.

Additionally  Pro Diving Montenegro Dive Center offers courses which are spread out over a few weeks and scheduled around standard working hours  with classes taking place  on evenings and weekends.

 What is included and the price of RD course ?

  1. SCUBA gear use.
  2. RD book + DVD use.
  3. Knowledge development , confined and open water practice.
  4. PADI Rescue Diver certification.

Rescue Diver course  cost is €250

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